Blackhurst Black Westminster Potrack w/Black Grid, 20x35x15

Reference Price:$269.17


The Westminster Gourmet Pot Racks are a stunning emphasis to any kitchen. These pot racks are excellently crafted from fine grain cold drawn steel, which ensures their durability. The metal is hand polished to a mirror finish and carefully assembled. The Westminster Gourmet Pot Racks include a grid which adds extra storage space and a handsome way to display gourmet kitchen utensils and accessories. The finishes on our selection of Westminster Gourmet Pot Racks include Copper with a Black Grid, Black with a Black Grid, and White with a Brass Grid. All pot racks are treated with a powder coat painted finish, with the exception of the copper pot rack which is plated. The Westminster Gourmet Pot Rack will surely add style and elegance to your kitchen.