Enclume PR15-BP Premier Wall Crown Rack, Brass

Reference Price:$649.99


The same beautiful styling of our popular Dutch Crown in a wall-mounted version. Extra hanging space on the back bar means you get nearly the same storage capacity as our ceiling mounted model. The top "D" Ring mounts with fasteners (included) or standard screws. Includes 6 straight and 6 angled pot hooks, plus drywall toggles. Utensils and pots are not included.

Shipping weight 14 pounds

Wall rack includes 6 straight and 6 angled pot hooks and fasteners, plus drywall toggles

20.5-inch length by 12.5-inch depth by 15.5-inch height

Fast, easy installation with exclusive "Toggler" anchors. Install toggles directly in drywall. Hold hundreds of pounds. No more joists or studs needed

A wall-mounted version of Enclume's beautiful Dutch Crown, features extra hanging space on the back bar for extra storage

Product Information

Shipping Weight:14 pounds

Item Model / Model No.:PR15 BP

Packaging Size:205 x 155 x 135 inches