Enclume PR18-36 BP Premier 36-Inch Ceiling Bar, Brass

Reference Price:$296.58


The ultimate in design simplicity. This sleek ceiling bar features fixed, offset hangers and is available in five attractive finishes. Includes 6 angled pot hooks, plus drywall toggles. Utensils, extension hooks and pots are not included.

Fast, easy installation with exclusive "Toggler" anchors. Install toggles directly in drywall. Hold hundreds of pounds. No more joists or studs needed

A simple and stylish design, easy to hang with fixed mounting hooks

Mounts on 16-inch centers, or use new drywall toggles and install anywhere.

36-inch length by 20-inch height

Shipping weight 9 pounds

Product Information

Shipping Weight:7.8 pounds

Item Model / Model No.:PR18-36 BP

Packaging Size:36 x 20 inches