Quirky Loopits Storage and Hanging Organization

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Finally, you can clear out your junk drawer and keep your miscellany within arm's reach. Loopits are handy storage straps that allow you to secure almost any object to a wall, cabinet, or workbench, instantly turning a surface into a storage solution. Their combination of wall-mountable disks and stretchy elastic bands allow for ultimate customization, enabling you to craft a setup to suit your exact needs. Suspend shampoo in the shower, ketchup in the fridge, toothbrushes in the bathroom the possibilities really are endless.

6 bands (3 small, 3 large) and 6 disks per package

Easy to install and remove

Attach to walls with adhesive or screws

Customizable and expandable

Product Information

Item Model / Model No.:PLPT1-ML01

Shipping Weight:8 ounces

Packaging Size:1.5 x 6.9 x 9.3 inches ; 4 ounces